Connor Code

🌈 About Me

Hello, I'm Connor Slade. I am just some random kid with way too much free time. Anyway, welcome to my website V6.6.0!

I'm interested in Photography, Minecraft, Software development and some Web development. My favorite The Best programming language is Rust! Like just look at the cute mascot. I use it for most of my projects. In fact, I'm hosting this site with Rust and my dependency free web server framework afire.

I started my programming journey around 2014 with C++ on the Arduino. Then I learned how to make basic websites with HTML and CSS, and then how to make it interactive with JavaScript. After that, I learn Python and eventually started to learn much more including Docker, NodeJS, Nim, Assembly, C#, Java, Kotlin, Ruby, Lua and of course Rust.

🔒 Privacy Policy

Wow, you're actually reading the Privacy Policy. That's gotta be a first!

I care about digital privacy, that's why I'm not running Google Analytics or something like it. This website runs a custom open source analytics system I made. You can view the source code on GitHub. It is completly server side and can only see basic infomation about your request. No tracking cookies are ever used and the analytics data is never shared or sold with any third parties.

The following information is collected:
  • Time of Request
  • Client IP address
  • HTTP Path
  • User Agent
  • Referer

🧾 Contact

3. 2. 1. Contact! Have any questions? Just want to say Hi?
You can reach me at:
  • Email: XXX
  • Discord: Sigma#8214