Connor Code

πŸ”₯ afire

A blazingly fast web framework for Rust




Things Built with afire

Documentation is great but, sometimes the best way to learn how to use something is through examples!

Name Description Code Link
connorcode This Website πŸ“€ πŸ”—
amplify A programming challenge thing πŸ“€ πŸ”—
Plaster Box Clean and Simple Pastebin πŸ“€ πŸ”—
FOTD Bot Fact of the Day Bot πŸ“€ πŸ”—
Photo-Server Self hosted photo album server πŸ“€ πŸ”—
Handcrafted-HTTP An HTTP Escape Room πŸ“€ πŸ”—
Cool Beans A chilled beans store… πŸ“€ ❌
Journey-to-the-Moon A choose your own adventure game πŸ“€ ❌
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