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published 01/11/2022 • 1m reading time • 477 views

afire is a simple synchronous multithreaded express.js inspired rust web micro framework. wow that was long. It comes with some built extensions in for Static File Serving, Rate limiting, and more.




Things Built with afire

Documentation is great but, sometimes the best way to learn how to use something is through examples! You can also find all of the open source projects on Github that use afire here.

Name Description Code Link
connorcode This Website 📀 🔗
amplitude A programming learning platform 📀
school-proxy A web proxy that runs as a website 📀 🔗
amplify A programming challenge thing 📀 🔗
isospin Homepage website 📀 🔗
Plaster Box Clean and Simple Pastebin 📀 🔗
FOTD Bot Fact of the Day Bot 📀 🔗
version Version Checker API 📀 🔗
Photo-Server Self hosted photo album server 📀 🔗

Add your project!

If you make something and want it added to the list, message me.