Good afternoon 👋, I'm Connor Slade. Welcome to my little place on the internet, connorcode.com version 3.0.0! Finally rewritten with Svelte. (It's still a work in progress).

I'm interested in software development, photography, Minecraft modding, and some web development (as you can see). I'm currently a high school student in New Jersey interested in computer science and computer engineering related things.


If you have any questions, comments, or commission requests, you can contact me through the following methods. For unnecessary added security you can use my GPG key to encrypt your message.


Here are some links to recent projects I have worked on and articles I have written. The full lists can be found under the projects and writing sections respectively.


  • wave-sim

    A GPU accelerated simulator for the 2D discretized wave equation.

  • ridgehacks2024

    Website for Ridge Computer Science Club’s yearly hackathon, Ridgehacks! Written as a single page Svelte app.

  • dm42

    Program compiler for the Free42 HP42 emulator and some miscellaneous programs. Many of which are for my AP Statistics class, because I just can’t be normal and use a TI-84.


  • Rendering Solutions to the Wave Equation in 3D

    Rendering 2D solutions to the wave equation from my GPU accelerated simulator in 3D using Julia and Makie.jl

  • Combined Mod Downloads Badge

    Many Minecraft mod readmes include download count badges, but you either have to include one for each platform or just not include all downloads. I have created an api that can be used with shields.io to show total downloads across multiple platforms.

  • List of Minecraft Enchantments

    An interactive checklist of Minecraft enchantments a long with downloadable and plain-text versions. This is a much easier way to keep track of what villagers you have book trades for.