Writing Archive

published 05/26/2024 • 1m reading time • 5 views

Some of my old articles that are no longer accurate, or just not well written.

From My Old Site

These articles are about how some features of my old website (November 2021 to May 2024) were implemented. None of the code or design outlined in these articles is still in use.

  • How my Analytics Work — How my custom privacy respecting web analytics system works, and some intreating things i’ve seen in the data so far.
  • Like System — The planning and implementation of both the frontend and backend of the new article like button.
  • Adding Admonitions — How I added markdown admonitions to my website
  • Table of Contents — Adding a table of contents to my articles

Just Kinda Bad

  • Best Worst Compression — Perhapses the most efficient but least efficient compression system. (this is really stupid, why did i ever write this)