List of Minecraft Enchantments

published 09/24/2023 • 1m reading time • 195 views

I was recently making a villager trading hall in minecraft and wanted a nice way to track the enchantments I got and need to get. I searched around a bit but didn’t find what I was looking for and I had to settle for using ms paint to cross of items from a screenshot.


This was last updated for Minecraft 1.20.1. There may or may not be new enchantments that are not on this list.

Copyable Lists

If you just want to get the enchantments (with their max-level) for use in your own checklist, you can view them all in the following formats:

Interactive List

This list will persist your progress in your browser’s local storage. You can click on the enchantment name or the checkbox to toggle its completion, and you can clear the list if you want to start over.